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Our Seamstresses

 Triplette Seamstresses

When you get your clothing from TCA, you not only get a great value, but you also support American workers. Your uniform is sewn by experienced professional local seamstresses working in their homes. The ladies work at their own pace, and the convenience of working at home allows them to set up their workstations in their own way so they can concentrate on making the highest quality uniforms the world. We keep saying this but we really want you to know that if you have questions about fit or proper sizing of clothing please call us at 336-835-7774 and talk to Starla our head seamstress. She will do everything possible to ensure that you get clothing that fits and is functional.

Skilled American Professionals



TCA Protects the Environment - Our cottage industry production method is carbon efficient. Our seamstresses work at home and do not have to waste gasoline driving to a factory. There is no factory to eat carbon in the form of air conditioning, heat or lights, not to mention the energy saved by not building the factory in the first place.

TCA Buys American Raw Materials - TCA invented and patented ultralight lames. Ultralight material is produced in the USA. All of our cotton, stretch material, lame lining, D rings, and thread is domestically produced. Not only is it the right ethical thing to do, but it also gives us good control of the quality of our materials and products.

TCA Pays Well - The money saved from energy conservation allows TCA to pay our seamstresses more than local factories, and far more than a third world sweat shop would remotely consider to be fair pay.



Chevalier Maraging FIE Foil 35
Chevalier Maraging FIE Foil 35"
$122.50 $104.00

WKC Practice Saber 35
WKC Practice Saber 35"
$38.50 $34.50

Electric Saber Bundle
Electric Saber Bundle
$257.00 $219.00

S+M Rainbow/Blue Electric Epee
S+M Rainbow/Blue Electric Epee
$96.00 $92.00

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